NAWA Elektrolyt-Salbe S

Protection of wound edge and skin

The ELEKTROLYT-SALBE S is a wound and healing ointment for external use for the healing of injuries to the skin.


The Elektrolyt-Salbe S supports the wound healing, reduces swelling, relieves pain, reduces scarring and prevents infections. Elektrolyt-Salbe S creates an optimal physical environment for the healing of injuries to the skin. Thus hematoma and edema were degraded, healing accelerated, swelling reduced and thereby pain relieved. The re-epithelialization or formation of new tissue is supported, the healing after surgeries or injuries (wounds, burns, sunburns) enhanced and scar formation reduced.  It can be used with children, contains no irritating substances and can be used on the mouth and mucous membrane area.

Skin care and protection are important nursing tasks for people with chronic wounds. They serve to maintain or restore the skin protection barrier and to prevent complications. The edge of the wound must be included in the treatment, because a non-vital wound edge leads to a delay in wound healing. Starting from the intact epithelial tissue at the wound edges, the new epidermis is formed, this means the support of re-epithelialization can be achieved by activating the edge of the wound.

NAWA® MEDICAL Elektrolyt-Salbe S may be used in combination with a customary dressing. By covering injured skin with a bandage the wound is protected additionally from external influences which could disturb the healing process.


Wash hands before and after treating a wound. If necessary clean the wound carefully (e.g. with NAWA® Wundspray). Apply NAWA® MEDICAL ELEKTROLYT-SALBE S generously onto wound area and over the wound margin. Repeat several times a day for the first three days after injury.

Wound edge and skin protection: : Wash hands before and after treatment. If necessary, clean the wound (e.g. with NAWAlution). Apply Elektrolyt-Salbe S approx. 1 mm thick and up to approx. 2 cm wide to the edges of the wound or the skin.