A well-rounded wound treatment concept

With the right procedures you can promote the healing process of acute and chronic wounds and prevent infections and scarring. Wound healing can be efficiently supported by optimal wound bed preparation:

  1. Removal of pathological wound tissue and biofilm / debridement
  2. Inflammation and infection control
  3. Providing a moist environment
  4. Promotion of re-epithelialization (e.g. by activating the wound edge)

Converted into a concrete instruction follow this 3 steps:

1. Cleansing and decontamination

NAWAlution Spray

The first important treatment step for both acute and chronic wounds is hygienic cleansing or the removal of dirt, debris and microorganism with NAWAlution.

2. Treat and cover

NAWA Hydrogel Tube

After cleaning, treat the affected area, activate and support wound healing and protect against infections with Hydrogel. To protect the wound, cover it with a commercially available bandage.

3. Protect the wound edge and skin

NAWA Elektrolytsalbe S Tube

The Elektrolyt-Salbe S supports wound healing and the accelerated degradation of edema, promotes re-epithelialization and serves to prevent infections.

Modern wound care from the experts

  • The treatment described follows the principles of optimal modern wound healing.
  • Only clean wounds can heal.
  • The moist wound treatment creates the physiological conditions for healing.
  • A low pH value in the wound promotes healing and at the same time serves to control infection.

For more than 30 years NAWA® is focused on the environmental conditions in wounds and the physiology of the healing of injured tissue and the skin and is familiar with the physical and biochemical processes and their causal relationships.

On this basis and in cooperation with internationally recognized experts, NAWA® develops, produces and sells medical products for the care of injuries, the treatment of acute and chronic wounds and the care and regeneration of stressed skin. All NAWA® products are based on the concept of providing the body with optimal, scientifically based self-healing support. Their effectiveness has been scientifically tested, proven with studies and confirmed by users.