for cleansing and decontamination

The unique approach combines the cleansing and decontamination of the wound with the simultaneous activation and promotion of healing.

Acute wounds are often contaminated with dirt, foreign bodies or microorganisms. Thorough and gentle wound cleaning is important here for optimal wound healing. Chronic wounds are often covered with wound exudate, dead tissue and biofilms. These coatings delay wound healing and must therefore be removed. For both wound types, gentle wound cleansing and permanent wound moistening with the NAWAlution are indicated.

NAWAlution is an alcohol-free solution for painless cleansing, decontamination and moistening of acute and chronic wounds. It promotes wound healing, optimizes the pH value in the wound and overcomes the chronic-stagnant healing phase.


The NAWAlution removes dirt, biofilms, incrustations and small necroses and thus ensures effective wound cleansing and the decontamination of coated and contaminated wounds (e.g. MRSA). It destroys the biofilm, reduces bacterial load, inhibits the growth of microorganisms and prevents infections. The NAWAlution promotes healing by creating an optimal wound environment. The solution is suitable for repeated use, is odorless, heat-able and compatible with wound care products. The betaine contained as a surface-active substance has a slightly re-fattening character with very good cleaning performance. Therefore, dehydration is prevented without endangering the cleaning performance.


Wound cleansing: Cleanse the wound with NAWAlution to loosen coatings and / or biofilm. NAWAlution can be applied undiluted directly from the bottle into the wound. The 500 ml and 150 ml areas are intended for rinsing the wound. The 50 ml and 500 ml sprays are for large-area spraying and the 150 ml foamer is suitable for applying a foam to the wound. NAWAlution should then be removed by wiping using commercially available sterile gauze compresses (mechanical cleaning). Rinsing is not necessary.

Moistening with wound dressings: Soak commercially available dressings and wound dressings (e.g. gauze compresses, gauze, wound cleaning pads, etc.) sufficiently with NAWAlution and place on the wound for approx. 10-15 minutes. After the wet phase, the wound should be mechanically cleaned with commercially available sterile gauze compresses.